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How We Boosted Our Seminar Attendance by 313%, Generated 419 First Appointments,
and Scaled Our Revenue to $3.2 Million a Year!
(All While Reducing Our Marketing Costs by 68%!)

(YES!  This is For Men Too)

3 Secrets to The women's market

Marketing to Women

A Step By Step Breakdown of The Mailer, Messaging and Ads that Generate Results!

The 12 Part Women’s Seminar Framework 

How to Establish Instant Connection and Credibility With the Women at Your Seminar

The Seminar Conversion Blueprint

Maximizing Your ROI With Every Seminar You Run By Following Our 20-Point Seminar Optimization Blueprint.

What You're Going to Learn

can you relate?

If you’re frustrated with the lack of results from your marketing, you’re not alone.  

Have you ever said this…

“I’m REALLY good once I get in front of a prospect… If I could just find a way to keep my calendar full of appointments, I’d have already hit all of my business goals!”

If so, you’re not alone.  And it’s not your fault either.  

There is so much bad marketing advice circulating in the industry, most of it taught be vendors and wholesalers who have never been advisors themselves…

No wonder you’re so confused and frustrated!

I was right there with you…

We were competing with dozens of other advisors in our market, all pushing the same Social Security and Tax dinner seminars.  

And on top of it all, we had some of the WORST direct mail response in the country… .2% (Not 2%… POINT 2%)

In 2011 my husband Randy and I hit our lowest point…

We found ourselves $678,000 in debt with our family home being foreclosed on.

On top of the financial stress, the pressure of having to solve for how to get in front of qualified prospects was more than I could take.  It got so bad I found myself in the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack.  It turned out I was suffering from debilitating stress.

Something had to change.

In 2011 Randy and I came to the conclusion that business as usual was never going to get us where we wanted to be.  We decided that I would take over seminars (even though I had never given one) and that we would look for a market to serve that

    1. – Was underserved (No more competing with all the other advisors in our market)
    2. – Had the assets to qualify as ideal clients
    3. – Wanted and truly needed our help

After much research we landed on the Women’s market.

I ran my first women’s seminar in 2017…

… and bombed!  (I literally only booked 3 appointments)

But I didn’t quit, and by the end of 2017 our firm broke $1 Million in revenue for the first time in our 17 year history!

By 2018 women’s seminars had become 80% of our marketing, and within 2 years, our revenue DOUBLED!

Not only that, but our PROFIT margin skyrocketed, from 29% to 52%!

In 2019 I generated 419 first appointments from my seminars alone…

… And by 2021, our revenue reached $3.2 Million!

But here’s the REALLY exciting news…

While the women’s market is one of the fastest growing markets, with women set to inherit and control over $20 Trillion dollars over the next 15-20 years, it remains one of the most underserved “niches” in the country!

And NO, you don’t have to be a woman to be successful working with women!  

In fact, the 5 sub advisors we hired were all men, and all of them have been incredibly successful working with women (after I taught them what I’m going to teach you on this webinar.)

There Are 2 Things You Must Learn to Thrive in This Market:

  1. 1) The Presentation Framework: Women do not buy on logic, but I’ll show you the 12 step seminar framework that establishes trust and engages women emotionally (which is how we all make decisions)
  1. 2) The Systems to Maximize ROI and Scale

I’m going to share both with you on the webinar!

But here’s more good news for you…

Unlike Me When I Started:

  • – You’re already a great seminar presenter, I’m guessing you’ve been doing seminars for years
  • – You’re already great when you get a prospect into the appointment process, (I had to learn that from scratch when I started)
  • – You have years of industry and planning knowledge 

You just need to be given the keys to unlock the potential of this “niche” in your market!

Why is that good news?  

Because you can quickly learn the presentation, processes, and frameworks, that have taken me years to refine and perfect.  All you have to do is install them into your business!

Now, why am I doing this training?  

Fair question… I’m doing it because helping women thrive financially is my passion, and my mission.  So before you register to attend this training, please understand,  I care deeply about each and every woman we serve.  But I cannot possibly help all of the women looking for help.  That’s where you come in : )

That said, here’s all I ask of you before I share this information with you…

Requirements to Attend:

1) You must truly care about the women you serve, and have a heart to help them

2) You must not use what I share with you to manipulate or take advantage of women

3) You must put the client’s needs first and always do what is best for them

Sound fair enough?

Great!  Then click below to get registered and I look forward to seeing you on the call!

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