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How We Boosted Our Seminar Attendance by 113%, Increased Appointment Conversions From 31% to 76%, and Scaled our Revenue
From $280,000 to $1,012,000… in Just 24 Months!

3 Secrets to 7 figures


The Financial Labs Process™ 


The Financial Labs Process™ 


The Seminar Conversion Blueprint

What You're Going to Learn

can you relate?

If you’re frustrated with a lack of results from your seminars… you’re not alone.  

Decreasing attendance, increasing marketing costs, attendees no showing… it’s no wonder so many advisors feel that seminars have become a necessary evil.

But it’s not your fault…

There’s a lot of really bad seminar marketing advice floating around the industry.  

Most of it taught by vendors and wholesalers who have never been advisors themselves.

So, if you’re tired of hearing, “send more mail!”, or “Just buy nicer dinners”… It’s okay.

You don’t have to stay stuck!

Putting seminar after seminar on credit cards, hoping you make enough to pay off the balance each month.


Working every Tuesday and Thursday night (when you’d rather be at home), presenting to a mostly empty room… paying for dozens of dinners no one showed up to eat.

The the worst part… waking up the next day with that sinking feeling, knowing seminars are no longer working, but not knowing how else to get in front of new clients. 

It’s a really hard place to be.

I know, I’ve been there!

In 2008, my seminars got so bad, I almost quit the business completely.  I wasn’t even sure I had what it took to be successful in this industry.

Every Seminar Was The Same:  

  • Spend $9,000 for mailers
  • Get 20 households to attend
  • Average 4 new first appointments
  • And then close 2

It was a GRIND. 

I was only grossing $280,000 per year.  Personally I was exhausted and financially it was draining.

I was spinning my wheels, working really hard, spending a lot of money, but never really getting anywhere.  

Then In 2011 Everything Changed.

A mentor introduced me to College Courses, and I instantly fell in love with the model.

I held my first course, and then my second, and over the course of the next several months every major marketing metric improved DRAMATICALLY!

    • – Seminar Registrations Increased 113%
    • – Marketing Costs DECREASED 33%
    • – Attendance Increased to 90% (No More No-Shows)!
    • – And our Appointment Conversion Rate Shot Up From 30% to 82%!

– And the best part was, the prospects showing up to our courses had much higher net worths!

Our average case size with traditional seminars was $225,000… but with our college courses our average case size increased to over $760,000!

Just two years later we broke 7 figures for the first time, and put over $100 Million under management in addition to the life and annuity business.

So What About You?

How can YOU tap into this Blue Ocean and take your own practice to the Next Level?

On this training I wan to share with you the three keys to successful courses…

The 3 Keys Are:

1) The Perfect Course Framework: How We Structure Our Courses and Close to Convert 76% Appointments!

2) The Financial Labs Process™:  How Reimagining The Appointment Process Boosted Our Average Case Size From $225,000 to over $760,000 Per Client!”

3) The Seminar Optimization Blueprint – How to Maximize Your ROI With Every Course You Run

And I’m going to share all 3 with you on the webinar!

But here’s more good news for you…

  • – You’re already a great seminar presenter, I’m guessing you’ve been doing seminars for years
  • – You’re already great when you get a prospect into the appointment process
  • – You have years of industry and planning knowledge 

You just need to be given the keys to unlock the potential of this approach in your market!

Why is that good news?  

Because you can easily learn the presentation, the processes, and the frameworks, that have taken me years to refine and perfect! 

All you have to do is install them into your business!

Now, before you register to attend this training, please understand, helping retirees thrive financially is my passion.  I care deeply about each and every client that we serve.  Therefore, here is all that I ask of you before I share this information with you…


1) You must truly care about the clients you serve, and have a heart to help them.

2) You must not use the psychological tactics I share with you on this training to manipulate or take advantage of consumers.

3) You must put the needs of your clients first and always do what is best for them.

Sound fair enough?

Great!  Then click below to get registered and I look forward to seeing you on the call!

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