Establishing Meaningful Connection With Listeners

As a financial advisor, connecting with your clients is essential to building trust and fostering a lasting relationship. In this transcript, we can learn from a radio host about the importance of connection and how to achieve it.

According to the host, connection is how you make your listener feel like you are right there with them. It is about caring and making them feel like you are connected. To achieve this connection, you need to speak to your listener in the singular, not in a collective sense. 

For example, avoid saying “has anyone out there” or “all of my listeners.” Instead, speak as if you are talking to one person directly.

Paul Harvey, the godfather of talk radio, was known for his ability to connect with his listeners. He spoke to a picture of his second-grade school teacher as if she were really there with him. 

By filtering everything he said through her sense of propriety, grammar, and understanding, he was able to create a connection with his audience that made them feel like they were the only ones in the world.

To create a connection with your clients, you should speak passionately about what you are offering. Whether you are discussing a new investment opportunity or a financial plan, let your excitement show in your voice. Avoid “white lab coat syndrome,” which is when you speak too clinically and without any passion. 

Your clients want to feel that you care about their financial well-being and that you are excited about helping them achieve their goals.

It is also important to speak in the plural when referring to your show or team. For example, “we here at the show” or “our team believes.” This helps to create a sense of community and lets your clients know that they are part of something bigger.

In summary, connection is essential for financial advisors to build trust and foster lasting relationships with their clients. By speaking directly to your clients in the singular, speaking passionately, and creating a sense of community, you can create a connection that will keep your clients coming back for more.

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