How Women’s Seminars Are Different

As a financial advisor, have you ever thought about how women’s events differ from traditional events? In this lesson, we will explore some of the key differences between women’s and traditional events that might surprise you.

The speaker in this lesson has over 17 years of experience in supporting her husband in traditional events. However, when she began to hold women’s events, she realized that there were some significant differences in what worked best.

One of the most surprising differences was that men could not be in the room during women’s events. A successful female advisor had told her this, and she believed it. For the first 18 months and 20 events, only female support staff, presenters, and advisors could run the leads. However, this approach was so successful that the number of leads generated became unmanageable, and changes had to be made. Male advisors and support staff started helping out at the events, and they found out immediately that it didn’t affect the results at all, and men could be successful at running these leads.

Another difference is the energy in the room. When the speaker’s husband attended her first women’s event, he was struck by how unlike anything he had ever experienced it was. Women talk, and they are connectors, and this creates a lively atmosphere even before the speaker has stepped on stage. Therefore, as an advisor, you would be stepping into a room that is already alive, which is different from having to be the warm-up act to wake up the people in the room who are unwilling to talk.

Finally, offering a glass of wine or a cocktail at the beginning of the event is another surprising difference between women’s and traditional events. While the speaker was hesitant to offer alcohol in traditional events, she found that offering one cocktail or a glass of wine at the beginning of the event gave her the opportunity to get attendees there earlier, and it did not make her uncomfortable as a speaker.

In conclusion, while there are many similarities between women’s and traditional events, there are some significant differences that financial advisors should be aware of when holding women’s events. 

By understanding these differences, advisors can create a more effective and engaging event that is tailored to their audience.

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