Mastering Connection and Establishing Trust

As a financial advisor, working with women can be a unique experience that requires a different approach. Women often require more time and attention, especially during their first appointment with a financial advisor. According to statistics, 55% of women believe that investing is not for people like them. This lack of confidence can be a barrier to seeking help from a financial advisor.

During the initial appointment, it is important to use verbiage that is more about feelings and less about fixing. Advisors should take the time to explore why the woman is there, and listen to her frustrations and experiences. If a woman mentions her late husband, it can be an opportunity to build a connection by asking for his name and allowing her to talk about him.

Advisors should also ask permission before asking personal questions. This approach shows that the advisor respects the woman’s boundaries and is not simply barreling her over. Using softer wording such as “How do you feel about that?” can encourage women to speak openly.

Financial advisors should be mindful of the language and analogies they use during their conversations. Commending women on their accomplishments, no matter how small, can help build their confidence and inspire them to take control of their financial future. Advisors can also draw on success stories of other women they have worked with to provide hope and encouragement.

In conclusion, working with women as a financial advisor requires a different approach than working with men. Advisors should take the time to listen, understand their clients’ fears and concerns, and provide support and encouragement. Building a relationship with clients takes time and effort, but it can lead to better outcomes for both the client and the advisor.

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