Stop Betting on the Backend

As a financial advisor, you know that acquiring a new client can be a costly and time-consuming process. From direct mail campaigns to seminars, the expenses add up quickly. But what if you could recoup some of that investment? In a recent talk, Brandon Stuerke shared his strategy for “betting on the backend” and maximizing revenue.

The idea behind betting on the backend is simple: instead of hoping that a new client will do business with you and make you a profit, find ways to recoup some of your investment, either in time or money. While most industries and salespeople could not afford to operate this way, the high profit margins in the financial advisory industry make it possible.

To get started, Brandon suggests finding ways to recoup your marketing budget on the front end by selling low-ticket products like books or webinars. By doing this, you can offset some of the costs of acquiring new clients and potentially scale leads profitably.

Another way to recoup your investment is by pre-selling your services. For example, you could incorporate a pre-first appointment video into your process, which would allow you to automate a portion of the initial conversation with a potential client.

While this strategy may be outside your comfort zone, Brandon encourages financial advisors to give it a try. By finding ways to recoup your investment, you can maximize your profit, revenue, and take your business to the next level.

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