The Power of Pre-Framing

As a financial advisor, you may have experienced the challenge of being seen as a salesperson rather than a credible expert. This is where preframing comes in as a powerful technique that can help you market yourself and build credibility with potential clients.

Preframing involves framing yourself in a positive light before a potential client engages with you. This means that by the time a potential client meets with you, they already have an idea of your credibility, expertise, and authority in the field.

One example of preframing is the story of the expert violinist who plays for free in a New York subway, where passersby pay little attention to him. However, in a packed concert hall, people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to see him play. This is because they know he is an expert and the best in his field.

The same principle applies to financial advisors. If potential clients perceive you as a credible expert, they are more likely to work with you. Therefore, you need to strategize and find ways to preframe yourself positively.

One way to preframe yourself is to have your radio show. By doing so, you are building credibility and authority in the minds of your potential clients. Other strategies include sending articles where you have been quoted, copies of your book, or a link to your podcast before the first appointment.

By preframing yourself positively, you can make all of your marketing and sales processes work better. Your potential clients will feel privileged to work with you rather than feeling like they got sold into an appointment with a salesperson they are not excited about.

In conclusion, preframing is a powerful technique that financial advisors can use to market themselves effectively. By building credibility, expertise, and authority before a potential client engages with you, you increase the likelihood of converting them into clients. Therefore, it is essential to begin strategizing on how to preframe yourself positively to potential clients.

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