The Power of Visualization

As a financial advisor, you’ve probably seen the benefits of a well-organized and well-planned financial plan. However, there’s another tool that can help you and your clients achieve even greater success: visualization. In this lesson, we’ll explore how the power of visualization can help you and your clients achieve their financial goals.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is simply seeing your outcome in your mind’s eye. It’s the power of your mind visualizing what could happen, but with the intent of focusing on positive outcomes. Visualization is a powerful tool that can be used to help you achieve your goals, by emulating the most successful people in the world.

Why Visualization Works?

Visualization works because it allows you to focus your thoughts and energy on positive outcomes. When you spend more time in the dream and less time in the nightmare, you start to take actions naturally to get there. It’s even possible to take action subconsciously to achieve your desired outcome.

How to Get Started with Visualization?

Start by picking a time every day to review your goals and visualize your success. This is different than meditation. The intention of this time is really about goals and succeeding in your goals. Ideally, you might want to do this twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. But it can also be done at any time during the day, for 10 minutes or less.


Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you and your clients achieve financial success. By focusing on positive outcomes, you’ll be able to take actions that will lead you towards your desired outcome. So, if you want to take your financial planning to the next level, start practicing visualization today!

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