Why Talk Radio

Financial advisors, have you ever considered using talk radio to engage with potential clients and build your credibility? In this lesson, we’ll explore the psychology of talk radio and how it can work for financial advisors.

Firstly, let’s examine why talk radio is different from music radio. While music radio is often used for entertainment purposes, talk radio is where people go to engage with ideas, learn new things, and follow the news. This makes talk radio an excellent opportunity for financial advisors to share their expertise and engage with potential clients.

When appearing on talk radio, it’s important to remember that people are looking for credibility. News equals credibility, so newstalk is often the best place to start. As a financial advisor, you want people to know, like, and trust you, and appearing on talk radio can help you achieve this.

But how do you engage with listeners on talk radio? The answer is simple: tell stories. News is nothing but stories, and we are hardwired to be especially attentive to stories. Our ancestors learned around the campfire, and this is still true today. You can use stories to create images in people’s minds, helping them to remember your expertise and your brand.

One of the best examples of this is Pat Pointon, a second-generation real estate developer. Pat created a show called Real Estate Magic and became known as the wizard of real estate. He was a natural storyteller and shared stories about buying houses, the people he met, and the things he learned. He had a tremendous following and built up a reputation as a trustworthy expert.

But how did he take this a step further? Pat wanted to become even more well-known, so he came up with the idea of the Real Estate Magic Charity House. For month one, Pat would buy a house, fix it up, sell it, and all the profits would go to charity. Pat invited listeners to go to his website and nominate their favorite charity. At the end of the month, the charity with the most nominations would receive the proceeds from the sale of the house. This was an excellent way for Pat to give back to the community while also building his reputation as an expert in real estate.

In conclusion, talk radio is an excellent opportunity for financial advisors to engage with potential clients, build their credibility, and share their expertise. Remember to tell stories and create images in people’s minds to help them remember your brand. Use Pat Pointon’s example as inspiration and think creatively about how you can use talk radio to build your brand and give back to the community.

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