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Run Time: 56 Minutes

the next level sales funnel

  • Before you can improve your marketing results, scale leads and appointments, or even consider spending more money on marketing, you first must understand how marketing actually works.  
What truly motivates prospects to action?  How do you ensure the leads you generate are qualified?  How will you develop those leads and convert them into seminar attendees and appointments?  

And how will you do all of this PROFITABLY, so you aren’t throwing thousands of dollars into the marketing abyss.  In this lesson you’ll be armed with the marketing knowledge you need to take control of the marketing in your business.

3X your seminar results!

Seminars are the lifeblood of your business.  Why?  Because prospects registering for in person seminars are ready to buy – today!  

If you are struggling to generate enough registrations, get those who register to attend, and or convert attendees into appointments, this lesson is a MUST! 

Seminars represent your lowest hanging fruit and you must maximize your seminar performance before moving into other lead and appointment funnels or marketing.

In this lesson I’ll share with you the 20 Point Seminar Optimization Checklist so you can quickly and easily identify where and how to maximize your seminar results!

Run Time: 56 Minutes

Run Time: 56 Minutes

ready, set scale!

In this lesson you’re going to learn how to scale your leads volume in order to generate enough qualified appointments each month.  And how to do so PROFITABLY!

Most advisors fall flat when they try and scale their marketing because they haven’t first applied what you’re going to learn in this lesson.

You cannot afford to increase ad spend and or direct mail, until you first know with a high degree of confidence that those leads are qualified and going to convert into appointments.

more appointments - now!

How many thousands of dollars do you spend on leads every year that never schedule?  How many hundreds of leads have you let go cold, while complaining that you don’t have enough appointments?

In this lesson you’re going to learn the proven strategies 7 figure advisors use to nurture and convert old and cold leads into qualified new appointments.  And it has nothing to do with sending canned industry newsletters week after week.

The strategies in this lesson are tactical and meant to drive new appointments in weeks, not months!

Run Time: 56 Minutes

you'll also get these downloadable resources

7 Figure Advisors don’t guess at their numbers, they track them – diligently.  You cannot make informed marketing decisions if you don’t know your numbers.  The Next Level Marketing Scorecard will give you an easy to use template showing you what to track, and give you a guide as to where your numbers should be if you want to maximize your ROI.

You cannot afford to scale unprofitable marketing campaigns.  Your Break Even Funnel Analysis will ensure your campaigns are profitable BEFORE you invest thousands in advertising or direct mail.

If you are converting less than 60% appointments at your seminars, the most likely culprit is your presentation.  Many advisors over educate and paralyze prospects.  The Perfect Seminar Framework will help you transform your seminar into an emotionally engaging experience that motivates prospects to action!


From Brandon Stuerke

Fort Collins, CO

Have you ever said this…

“I’m REALLY good once I get in front of a prospect… If I could just find a way to keep my calendar full of appointments, I’d have already hit all of my business goals!”

If so, you’re not alone.

And it isn’t your fault either.  There is so much bad marketing advice circulating in the industry, most of it taught be vendors and wholesalers who have never been advisors themselves…

No wonder you’re so confused and frustrated!

The good news is, after 1,200 advisor interviews over the past decade and working with some of the highest earning producers in the country (those earning 7 figures +, and many over $5 million a year) the GOOD NEWS is…

… most of your marketing challenges aren’t as hard to solve as you might think.

In fact, in my experience, you likely have the majority of the ingredients you need to be successful… 

What you lack, is The Recipe.

In this Masterclass I’m going to accelerate your learning by sharing with you what I’ve learned over 12 years of consulting with million dollar advisors.

When you get to “see under the hood” of as many top performing practices as I have, the patterns begin to emerge…  

You begin to clearly see why so many advisors stay stuck between $250k – $750k and why the 7 figure advisors are able to scale to multiple 7 figures – (and almost make it look easy).

But here’s more good news for you!

Their Success Has Almost Nothing to Do With:

  – The size of their marketing budget
  – How great of a speaker they are
  – How big their team is
  – Or even how great of a sales person they are

In The MasterClass We’ll Answer Questions Like:

How do you develop a growth strategy that aligns with your long term vision – and avoid all of the rabbit trails and dead ends?

What things should you be working on now, in the short term? (And what should you say no to?)

How do you maximize your ROI on the marketing dollars you are already spending? (HINT: Spending More is Almost NEVER The Right Answer)

How do you determine which traffic sources will yield the best results? (Direct Mail, FB, Radio, Etc.)

How Do You Know (Before Hiring Them) Which Vendors Can Deliver, and Who’s Full of It? 

How Do You Convert More of the Leads You’ve Already Generated Into Appointments? (This is one of the Biggest Differences Between 7 Figure Advisors and the Rest of the Industry)

Notice these questions are not tactical, but rather are STRATEGIC… Strategy, Not Tactics is a Big Missing Piece For Most Advisors

In my experience, the fastest path to your ideal practice, is to leverage the hindsight of the 7 figure advisors that have gone before you.  Leverage their mistakes, learn from their failed campaigns, and avoid years and tens of thousands of dollars experimenting – Life is too short.

you'll also get these free bonus courses!


Is Next Level Advisors an IMO / FMO / Broker Dealer or RIA?

Nope!  Our business model operates strictly on monthly subscription revenue.  This allows the greatest number of advisors to benefit from the training our Mentors provide, without worrying about being hassled to move your contracts or affiliations.

Will I Ever Be Asked to Move My Contracts?

No!  We will NEVER ask you to move contracts, for any reason.

How Many Courses Will I Have Access To?

All of them!  We currently provide 10 different Masterclasses taught by 13 different Mentors. Each of whom specialize in and have mastered the specific business development strategies they teach.

How Does Next Level Select It's Mentors?

Each of our Mentors are 7 figure earners who have perfected specialized approaches to growing their businesses.  Each Mentor must meet strict qualification criteria, have a strong commitment to excellence and a desire to see ALL advisors succeed. 

Will You Add Additional Courses / Mentors in the Future?

You bet!  In fact, we have several in the works as we speak!  And you will have access to all of them!

Just $997... That's It?

Yup, that’s it!  Just a single investment of $997 unlocks; 40+ hours of in-depth training, growth templates, downloadable scripts and more!


Yes!  We Are Guaranteeing You Will LOVE Next Level Marketing.

Look, you don’t have time or money to waste… I get it.

The sad reality is our industry is full of hype, and vendors who promise the world… and don’t deliver anything but disappointment.

We’re advisors, so we get it.

But we created Next Level Advisors to change all of that…

Next Level Advisors is the only place you can get real training and mentorship from actual 7 figure advisors, and true industry experts without being hassled to move your contracts.

So take the leap, enroll today and move your business forward.  If you are not 100% thrilled with the training we deliver, just pop me an email and let me know, and we’ll refund your $197 no questions asked.  Sound fair enough? 

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